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The role of the corporate fashion in a business or social setting cannot be over emphasized. Suits are definitely a must have, especially for those who play various roles in our corporate setting.

Corporate Suits have the power to make and unmake the image of men and women. Therefore, identifying the right type of suit to suit your image becomes imperative if you are to make the right impression in the corporate and social world and receive the compliments due you when you are well and appropriately attired

There are many factors which influence the choice of a suit. Your choice of suit is affected by seven factors. The cut of your suit — suits_materijalsis it closed vent, single vent or double vent? Your body type — do you have an endomorphism, meromorphic or a mesomorph body build? The material used, your height, your complexion, the occasion and finally your budget as in how much are you prepared to spend?

We work with CEO’s, executives, managers, business owners, politicians – many of them are men. In their world of business attire, there really is nothing quite like a suit, perfectly fitted or tailored to their specific requirements.

We create for you all you needs, with the high quality and fast delivery.

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